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デニムの個性とパワーを存分に発揮した、ショートバージョン! 着心地がよくインフォーマルなモデルを最高にクールなウォッシュで: 深いブルーからこれ以上ないほどのブリーチまで。 デニム地バミューダ―パンツはもはやマスト。

The shorts jeans are the ideal garment for those who are in love with the denim canvas and do not want to give it up even on the hottest days. It is a combination that embodies the most comfortable and casual you can imagine in men's fashion. All the character and determination of denim redesigned on models with a simple and comfortable cut, ideal for an informal look dedicated to the hottest months of the year. A perfect and versatile combo to dress up your moments of leisure and relaxation, in the city and out of town. In the coolest washes, from dark blue to lighter faded, the outdoor world had adopted them for some time; today even in urban and streetwear, jeans shorts are already a must.